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Schools 2 Prison Pipeline

In a recent column, Seattle Times writer Jerry Large spotlights the “Schools 2 Prison Pipeline” project headed up by League of Education Voters (LEV) and Our American Generation. This project examines the alarming trend of school systems to “push their ‘bad kids’ out of the classroom and into the juvenile justice system.” Large’s column explains the role zero-tolerance school-discipline policies have played, and whether these policies should be re-examined. I met with LEV to discuss how school suspension/expulsion policies apply to students who receive special education, and, by extension, how that impacts the Schools 2 Prison Pipeline. Large’s column and Schools 2 Prison Pipeline are both worth the click. Kudos to everyone for tackling such a thorny issue.

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One thought on “Schools 2 Prison Pipeline

  1. katie beecher on said:

    Sadly, this is true and I have seen it first hand. When I worked in Waterford, CT in the High School self contained emotionally disturbed/learning disabled program, I was able to keep kids in school who were only there because they had been court ordered. They (illegally) had not been tested for learning disabilities and I found that they were able to learn orally, rather than visually because they had difficulty reading and comprehending what they read. For the first time in their lives, they didn’t feel “stupid” and chose to stay in school when they could have dropped out. They were not causing problems in school but the school viewed them as unwanted because they could potentially cause problems and because they lowered test scores. I was a new teacher and my contract wasn’t renewed. What a surprise, the kids ended up dropping out of school.

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